beckmann is the official homepage of the sculptor Curt Beckmann and the painter Babette Beckmann. This site contains comprehensive information about both artists as well as constantly changing illustrations of a selection of works.

The graduate of academy of arts Curt Beckmann is nationally and internationally renowned sculptor and draughtsmen. Numerous works stand in the large museums of Germany and at public places and buildings.  After first to a large extent natural representation of persons both in the designs and the sculpture early the typical unmistakable style was established. The imageful representation stepped into the background in favor of the emphasis of form and proportion.

Babette Beckmann is also graduate of academy of arts. Even a part of her works are publicly accessible.
  With a disparity in age of over two decades her style was shaped from the beginning by the influence of the time after the Second World War. The style  is shaped by the Impressionism. Regarding the category not the representation of humans is the center of attention to a tendency as such, but the interpretation of a scene, an ambiente, or the rendition of an atmosphere with it. Several persons are inevitably usually explained. Frequent it is, that only the discovery of a small detail gives an idea of the situation to the viewer. Babette Beckmanns technics is pastel or oil.


You have the possibility of acquiring the shown works over directly. It acts in all cases around sales out of private property. If you are interested, take up contact with us. Gladly we invite you into the studio Beckmann in Duesseldorf.