Born 1901 in Solingen. Study at the national academy of arts Duesseldorf. Master pupil with Professor Hubert Netzer and Professor Langer.

Curt Beckmann was twice married and had six children. He died 1970 in Duesseldorf.

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Rheinische secession, the young Rheinland, Künstlerverein Malkasten (artist association), Westdeutscher Künstlerbund (artist federation) and Deutscher Künstlerbund (artist federation up to its prohibition 1936).


With Wolfgang Borchert (the main figure „Beckmann“ in his drama „Draußen vor der Tür“ was designated on Curt Beckmann, although without contentwise purchase) and Karl Schwesig.

Study stays:

1928 in Italy and Paris, where he met the painters Peter Jansen and Carl Lauterbach, with whom he was friendly.